Marketing With Images

One of the aspects of my jobs at Album Surf is creating marketing campaigns, using images we’ve taken in the store or at the beach of our surfers. We rely heavily on pictures to drive our content on social media and create an identity around the brand. While getting pictures of surfboards may seem simple, there are things we do to ensure each photo stays within our identity and ultimately increase our sales.

Here is an example of a photo I took that we used for our Instagram. The intention behind a photo such as this one is to have the viewer look at our surfboards in a way that differs from other surfboards. This photo gives more of an art gallery feel, creating a desirable feeling for the one of a kind surfboards we make. Given the higher prices we charge, we want our boards to be seen as functional art. They are both pleasing to look at, while maintaining a high level of performance when you get them in the water. This specific photo came with the release of a new collection of our model, the Lightbender.

This image by Logan Weaver is an example of what we are looking to avoid in our content. When people buy our boards, we want them to feel that they have acquired a unique piece of art that has not and will not be replicated. When viewers see images of a ton of the same boards lined up, it creates somewhat of a cookie cutter feeling that takes away from how unique every surfboard can be.

Using the artificial intelligence tool, Dall-E, I created this image that we would be more likely to use for our content. This image applies more emphasis on the one surfboard, rather than placing it next to multiple surfboards that look identical. One of the ways I prompted the tool was to have the board against a white background, as that is often associated with art, rather than have the board in a stereotypical place like the beach.






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