Interviewing a Business Owner

I really enjoyed interviewing my father and owner of Vasin Sign Solutions, Tom Vasin, for this blog assignment. I thought this assignment would be an interesting opportunity to get some information on starting a business from someone who came from humble beginnings and figured it all out on his own. I really admire the work he has done and am thankful for the insights he has to share, thanks dad! One of the things he mentioned that stuck out to me was tenacity. It will never be easy, and it takes more work than many are willing to put in to start something for yourself. However, as he touched on, it can be very fulfilling to create something and ultimately be your own boss. It can be extremely hard knowing where or how to start when your young, so it is always beneficial to hear someone’s story of how they did it. After the interview, he mentioned one more thing: every story is different. Everyone has their own way and can offer different advice, but ultimately it is up to the individual to figure it out and create their own path.






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