Community Guidelines

Hunter’s Blog is a place where thoughts are shared with an open mind and the intention of viewing things from other people’s perspectives. It is not intended to stir argument or drama, rather a place where individuals of differing opinions can come together and challenge each other to grow.

  • The goal behind this blog is to foster an online community, connect people and challenge our thoughts.
  • In order to have a productive online community, I expect respect, civility and an open-mind to posts and comments.
  • The work on this blog is unsponsored and unbiased.
  • I do not expect everyone to agree with everything I, or others have to say, but I do expect a level of respect for each thought/opinion shared.
  • I believe in each individual’s right to freedom of speech and transparency, therefore, unless comments are shared that would not be protected under the first amendment, they will not be flagged or taken down.
  • Comments that are not protected under the first amendment will be taken down. This includes:
  • According to the ALA, “The categories of unprotected speech include obscenity, child pornography, defamatory speech, false advertising, true threats, and fighting words.”
  • Any individual that has two comments deleted will be banned from the blog, as they will have shown they are unable to participate in productive conversation.