I created this blog for school as a place to complete assignments and share my opinions, here’s a little about me.

With the Statue of Liberty!

I am a mass communication and media studies major who plans to go into a career of writing. I currently work for a surf brand called Album Surfboards in San Clemente where I fulfill orders, do customer service and write for our website. When I am not working, I enjoy surfing and working with my hands, whether it is making pottery or surfboards.

Check out some of the blogs I have written for Album, one being about a trip to the North Shore and the other about what went into creating our short film, Art Form.

My goal with this blog that I’ve created will be to complete assignments as I continue my growth as a communications student and my personal digital media literacy. Aside from school assignments, I plan to use this blog as a platform to display my opinions on various current events. I view it as an opportunity to build a resume of my writing and content creation skills, as well as show my progress as my content creation and media literacy improves. As a student majoring in communications and media and now entering my final year of college, I feel I have developed the skills through various courses to analyze, create and share content. I look forward to my future posts and hope everybody who gives them a read is given new perspective on the topics covered.